Thursday, April 26, 2012


the week of april ninth, 2012 kinda sucked.

we'd scheduled f's ear surgery for the morning of the 12th, a thursday, and i'd taken that thursday and friday off. we had to be at children's hospital at 5:30 in the morning, she was in surgery for about an hour and a half, and she was miserable and in a lot of pain when she awoke from the anesthesia. afterwards, the nurse couldn't track down the anesthesiologist for a good half an hour, so f literally writhed in pain and cried while we waited for pain meds to help her out. it sucked. i sat on the little hospital bed with her between my legs, trying not to get tangled up in the i.v. lines and alternating between "we're really lucky, a lot of kids in here are far more worse off than ours," and "DAMN IT, get my baby some pain meds STAT, this sucks!" as my heart just felt like it was being pulled out of chest. she had the tube removed from her left ear, but her right ear drum had to be patched so there was about an inch and a half long incision all stitched up behind that ear. and lots of blood. yuck. poor babe.

all of that would have been emotionally exhausting (for all of us) and painful (for her) but manageable, i guess, if that had been all we'd had to deal with that week as far as blood and stitches and anesthesia goes... but it wasn't. see, two days before that, we'd spent a nice chunk of time at children's also. after spending most of tuesday the 10th at urgent care with her dad, we drove to children's and were in the E.R. there until about 10:30pm. her left pointer finger was crushed in a van door that morning and the bone broke and the fingernail detached and broke through the skin behind her cuticle and she had a gash around the top of her finger too, so they had to knock her out with a drug that people we knew at one time actually took recreationally and remove her fingernail, stitch the gash, and reattach the nail. which is a good time for a 5 year old, let me tell you. i don't know what was worse, watching her drift off as she counted "19, 20, 21... 22..... 21..." and then her eyes shut (i cried) or trying to comfort her as she came off the ketamine, eyes red and glazed, moaning about popsicles and "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" over and over and over and over and, you guessed it, over again. it was awful. that, and knowing we'd be back in 36 hours for the ears? f me, pardon my french.

the good news: she's healing like a champ and was able to go back to school sooner than we'd anticipated. the orthopedist said her finger looks great and he put a smaller splint on it last friday and told us we don't have to change the bandages every night anymore (THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU). and the stitches behind her ear all seem to have dissolved or whatever they do, so that incision is looking better every day. and she no longer bleeds out of her right ear, which is a good look, you know? other parents love that look as they give you a wide berth at trader joe's.

this morning f and i decided we'd had enough hospitals and surgeries and blood for a while as we discussed her wearing her helmet while she rides her go-ped. we've had our fill and we're moving forward. at least we got her first E.R. visit out of the way, i guess.


  1. Oh, ouch. For all of you. I'm glad it is all OK.

    And thanks for putting my current sleep complaints in perspective!

  2. Wow, as if the ears aren't bad enough. That finger seriously made me almost throw up just thinking about. Poor girl!