Thursday, June 14, 2012

caine's arcade.

not too long ago, i watched a video called "caine's arcade" while i was playing an extra long smashing pumpkins song at work. i loved it and thought caine was a pretty awesome little fella, and nirvan was not only a good guy but a good filmmaker too. it is so huge that caine's college education is essentially paid for, thanks to the video going viral, nirvan creating a scholarship fund, and all the support and donations from all over the world. i showed f the video and her immediate response was, "can we go?"

so we did.

we were at my mom's house in the l.a. area for the weekend not too long ago, so we got the directions, checked the hours on facebook, and headed to boyle heights for some hot hot gaming action. it was great! f loved it, the volunteers were charming and funny with all the kids, they really did push the tickets out of the slots caine cut for them at the bottom of each box, and she scored a pretty sweet pink top that lights up when you spin it fast enough. we also got to hang out with caine - he showed f and my mom how to work the air hockey game, and he taught f how to use "the claw" game he'd made (which frustrated f to no end, she just couldn't quite make it work, but that was ok).

that's caine in the turquoise shirt, fixing a game

we each bought a fun pass and we each had way more than $2.00 worth of fun at caine's arcade. afterward we had scrumptious cochinita pibil tacos and hit the free california science center (the same one we grew up calling 'the museum of science and industry'). it was a great day. i don't care what anybody says: i love los angeles.