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i remember being fascinated by radio when i was growing up, and one of the coolest, most compelling things to me was the fact that the DJs got to hang out with and interview my heroes, the rock stars. i would be GLUED to my radio, listening to laurie free talk to the scorpions or kevin and bean interview just about anyone. i loved it and i wanted to be them. now, having been on the radio for almost 20 (OMFG) years, i've learned two things about interviewing bands: 1) that it's not all it's cracked up to be and 2) that it totally is. i've done interviews with people who have completely exceeded my expectations. omar rodriguez-lopez of the mars volta intimidated me, but we ended up having a deep and lengthy conversation about crafting music and albums that was one of the most interesting and serious interviews i've done to date. wayne coyne of the flaming lips was SO friendly and chatty and loved to give bear hugs. dave grohl of the foo fighters was ridiculously funny, relaxed and spent about an hour with me in the studio talking about all kinds of things. coldplay were giggly and kind to everyone who came by to meet them. gwen stefani was so nice and talkative. beck, ben harper, liz phair, mike ness, and michael franti all blew me away with their acoustic performances in studio. i've been really lucky to have some "pinch me" experiences. and i've also dealt with some egotistical, juvenile, arrogant people too - that's the "it's not all it's cracked up to be" part. mostly, though, interviews can be awesome, even if they do still make me nervous. i figured i'd throw some up here for your perusal. some of them are OLD, and i'm even annoyed with myself in them, so please forgive my younger DJ self for sounding like a dork.

Wayne Coyne Interview by hilahil

Beck interview & acoustic performance by hilahil

Gwen Stefani Interview by hilahil

Everclear do Summerland - live & acoustic by hilahil

Blitzen Trapper, live at the coachella house 2009 by hilahil

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